Michael Capponi; The definition Of Brilliance

In relation to a blog made on New York Times: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/01/18/style/a-night-out-with-one-of-miamis-night-life-boosters.html?_r=0

Capponi’s task has since mushroomed into an actual plan to redevelop the city and the surrounding coastline, involving a group of American and Haitian activists and entrepreneurs, all united in the quest to rebrand the nation as a hip tourist destination.

This is a dream that’s becoming real. We want to be a Caribbean cultural location, says Yanick Martin, the director of the state’s regional tourism office, who owns an artwork gallery in downtown Jacmel.

Michael is brilliant and smart just like his projects are turning out; and also like the iphone he was holding. He co-builds a place, frequent it and comment nicely about both the building process and the life aftermath. That can only be done by the selected few enthusiasts. He is warm and readily inviting.

Regarding the InList nightlife app, it is splendid by the way he makes it look. He co-creates the app and re-channels to organize all his meetings using the app. I could say that that is the reason the app has massive success. Michael Capponi does not shy away from using it; publicly.

However, I had to note that the fact that he does not drink and yet developing nightlife party apps is quite encouraging. Anyone and everyone can come up with a successful idea even the one they are not directly associated with as personalities.